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PR solutions from mature, experienced PR consultants. Based in Norwich and in Winchester, we cover the south of England with clients from a wide cross-section of industries. Our bespoke service is tailored to your needs, providing a consistent marketing message to the public, with specific publications targeted for your needs.

  • PR Announcements
  • Sales Campaigns advised
  • Marketing campaigns and strategies formed
  • Editorial liaison with key publications
  • Advice on website production - Stangs.co.uk - car importer

  • Wonston Churchill - Band website

Our clients include UK companies as well as startup organisations keen to make a good impression with a new business. Email us for full details to sales@himark-pr.co.uk for a fully comprehensive rundown of the services available to you.

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Tele: (01962) 886 174
fax: (01962) 885 705

Visit our client websites:
Stangs - 2005 Ford Mustang importer
Hinx - Networking Consultancy and Network Architectural Professional Services
Dot5 - our sister company in telecom services
Stangs II - another link to our main sponsor's website.

wonstonchurchill -

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